Tech Support

When you need help with your computer, PSC offers both on-site and off-site tech support and data management. We are dedicated to providing you with quality solutions for any software or hardware issues they may be experiencing!

On & Off Site Support

On-Site Support

Need help with your tech? PSC Computers has you covered! We provide in-house visits for those who need assistance setting-up or troubleshooting a problem, as well as remote support for you or your business!

Off-Site Support

The staff at PSC Computers will be happy to provide you with all the computer repairs solutions that you need. We are proud of our commitment to excellence and professionalism! Bring your device to our location and we’ll be happy to assist you as best as we can!

Data Management

Data Backup

PSC Computers offers on-site data backup for any business or individual that needs help with their computers. We provide a diagnosis check in order to determine what’s causing the problem is and how to fix it as best as possible!

Data Recovery

At PSC Computers, we know how devastating it is when you lose your data. That’s why we are here to help get things back on track for you as quickly and efficiently as possible so that this never happens again! Contact us today to learn more about our support service!